about me

I am what we now call a TCK: a Third Culture Kid. Born in Germany to German parents, I was then raised in the USA, Brazil and Germany, After a stay at WIU, Illinois in the 90’s for my studies, I moved to France in 1999, following my heart. After a first expatriation to Egypt in the mid 2000s, and another few years in France, I now live in Athens and enjoy exploring the ancient glories and modern day contrasts of Greece.

I have focused my professional career on teaching languages and promoting better understanding between different cultures. In over 20 years, I have developed teaching skills that took me from plain language teaching to focusing on the cultural dimensions of language teaching and intercultural studies. As a certified professional coach, my mission and vision is making this world a better place by promoting and creating a climate of mutual understanding with insight into the thrilling world of intercultural communication. In finding and deciphering the keys that open the doors to understanding, anyone can find and give meaning to this complex world.

With empathy and warmth, joy and positive thinking, I accompany people on their way to a world of creativity and openness. Helping others by sharing, asking and thinking is my vision of the future. Coaching is like a think-tank where the client dives into his thoughts, emotions and knowledge to gain a better understanding of himself and the world around him.

Educational background

After a first cycle of studies in American literature and Geography at the University of Mannheim, I studied in the Masters of Arts program of American literature at Western Illinois University where I also had a job as a graduate assistant in the university writing center. I have a long experience in the expat community and researched the how’s and when’s of “culture shock“. My current research interests are cross-cultural relations and management and intercultural communication skills.

Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.                            Gerard Way

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