ethics vs morale

Reflections on the difference between ethics and morale…

Definition of ETHIC

plural but sing or plural in constr : the discipline dealing with what is good and bad and with moral duty and obligation
a : a set of moral principles : a theory or system of moral values ethic> ethic> —often used in plural but singular or plural in construction ethics> <Christian ethics>

b plural but sing or plural in constr : the principles of conduct governing an individual or a group <professional ethics>
c : a guiding philosophy
d : a consciousness of moral importance ethic>
plural : a set of moral issues or aspects (as rightness)ethics of human cloning>
Examples of ETHIC
  1. Ethics is his chosen field of study.

Origin of ETHIC

Middle English ethik, from Middle French ethique, from Latinethice, from Greek ēthikē, from ēthikos

So ethics is the idea of right and wrong or good and bad?

okay, still not sure what to make of this… let’s check the thesaurus:

guided by or in accordance with one’s sense of right and wrong <ethical writers do not use the words of other writers without giving them proper credit>Synonyms conscionable, ethical, honest, honorable, just,moral, principled, scrupulousRelated Words decent, good, righteous, right-minded,straight, upright, virtuous; dutiful, observant, respectful;overconscientious; reliable, responsible, solid, tried-and-true, true, trustworthy, trusty; esteemed, law-abiding,reputable, respected, upstanding, worthy

Good, respectful, reliable, true and trustworthy… amongst others, I can relate to those terms as being part of my ethics.

…hm, since I was pondering on the difference between moral values and ethics, I have to go either further in my research, or set for the one definition that appeals most to me:

c: a guiding philosophy

So what exactly can I say about my guiding philosophy? What IS my philosophy? What is PHILOSOPHY?


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